20 October 2021

The management of Workplace Safety, Health and Wellbeing is an integral part of Jada’s Business Management.

Jada rank Safety, Health and Wellbeing above all else and are proud to demonstrate our commitment and safety standards by taking part in CIF Safety Week 2021.

Safety Week is an opportunity for us all to demonstrate our commitment to a positive and proactive culture of Safety Management within our Organisation.

It is an opportunity to display and recognise our Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policies as core to our business.

Safety Week is not about demonstrating high standards of safety during the week, but its an opportunity to highlight how easy it is to set and apply constant high standards at all times.

Construction Safety Week brings the Construction Industry together, joining forces, sharing best practice and standards amongst each other. This provides a unique insight, experience and learning opportunity to ensure continuous improvement in the standards of Safety, Health and Wellbeing across the industry as a whole.

Jada are delighted to partake in CIF Safety Week 2021 running the following events:

Safe Driving Presentation by An Garda Siochána
Mental Health and Wellbeing Presentation by The Lighthouse Club
Working at Heights – Dangers of Material Falling Display
Safe Plant – Blind Spot Display
Hazardous Energies- Chemicals on Site